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Kenneth Pedersen, Managing Director Nordics is talking about Aristo Pharma and why they are member of Farma Norge.

“Aristo Pharma is a family-owned business focusing on producing high quality and affordable medicines to the patients. We employ more than 1.750 people worldwide.

We make active ingredients, whose patents have expired, available as generics for everyone at low cost. We also offer original products as well as a wide range of OTC medicines

Focus areas are high supply reliability, prevention of product shortages and cost savings for the society.

In addition to 3,700,000,000 tablets, 281,000,000 capsules and 10,400,000 liquids are produced annually in our own production facilities. This results in 1,334 SKUs in Germany.

We produce as many medicines as possible in our own production facilities in Germany and Europe in-house. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality standards and at the same time commit ourselves to the location. In addition, we manufacture many medicines for third party customers (other pharmaceutical companies).

We work on a large number of our own product developments and therefore actively shape our future.”


Why Farma Norge?

“Currently Aristo Pharma only have few products in Norway, but we see the market as an important future market.

To have a common voice and to work towards creating a market with high access to affordable and high-quality products at low costs for the society, Aristo believes Farma Norge is very important.

Despite still being a relatively newly established generic association, Farma Norge has already shown great results. At the same time Farma Norge is having a very broad and constructive dialogue with key stake holders in the market. Being member of Farma Norge is therefore a very important step for us and we are happy being able to participate in shaping a strong generic industry in Norway.”


Kjetil Berg, General Manager Farma Norge

“I wish Aristo Pharma and Kenneth Pedersen, welcome to Farma Norge. Farma Norge has grown the last year and we have established excellent relations and participated in dialog meetings with all key stakeholders. The establishment of Farma Norge has been a success and we look for further growth in 2022.”



Kjetil Berg

General Manager